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Now with £1000 PowerParts and PowerWear voucher

KTM are launching a series of June promotions to get your Ready To Race this Summer.

Purchase a 1290 SUPER DUKE GT and we've got you covered with Parts, Garments and Accessories. We're giving away £1000 on every purchase in the form of a KTM PowerWear and PowerParts voucher, so you can treat yourself with our casual collection or go all in on performance parts and get your bike set for the ultimate ride.

What if we could match The Beast's interstellar performance to all day, two-up comfort? What if we would train the most dynamic naked bike ever to race any paved road the world has on offer? Regardless of the weather. Over and over again. So we brought out the big guns, aiming for state-of-the-art ergonomics, electronics and extreme stamina. The result is a long distance V-twin rocket that proudly roars past the top of the food chain, hungry for more. For miles. The faster, the better. A motorcycle that is equally happy hunting horizons, as it is chasing superbikes. And crushing them – not only at cruising speeds. Welcome to the world of the 1290 SUPER DUKE GT, where refinement, speed and ultimate performance rule. The innovative WP semi-active suspension system introduces a new level of comfort and safety in motorcycle riding. The rider can select three spectrums of use: 'Comfort', 'Street' and 'Sport', while the SCU (Suspension Control Unit) adapts the damping rates in real-time to the riding surface and rider, based on the information provided by a set of stroke sensors and accelerometers. It also reads the vehicle load, making the suspension suited to different weights. Improved ergonomics such as low foot pegs and a large fuel tank are there to make the rider and passenger feel comfortable. And that's no easy feat. Think about the things to consider: stack and reach, leg arch length, seat height, seat foam, knee angle and knee contact, handlebar width, position and offset, tall riders, short riders, heavy ones and featherweights… But we made it, by tailoring the bike to your needs.

This offer is valid at participating KTM UK Street dealers, from 1st June 2018, while stocks last. For more information contact us.