1390 Super Duke R Evo 2024 Media

Model Description

The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO is truly an evolved BEAST. Not only does it share the same advancement as the all-new KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R, but it also brings intuitive WP Semi-Active Suspension Technology (SAT) to the fore. Being able to automatically adapt its suspension to the riders input or the road surface, it brings intelligence to the tarmac and into the hunt.

Simply put, when wrestling a BEAST like the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO, fine tuning and adjustability is key. Not only are all the shifting and braking controls fully adjustable – riders also have the option for a reverse shift pattern and shift lever throw. 

Looking back while blasting its way into the future, the 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO wears its new colors as a homage to THE BEASTS that came before it. Drawing from a 30-year-old bloodline, the iconic Orange colorway is inspired by its ancestral KTM 990 SUPER DUKE colors from as far back as 2005. 

When you’re naked, you have nothing to hide. The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO takes compactness to the next level. Lower, meaner and more muscular, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO bristles with an all-new tank design, new aero winglets and a predatory LED headlight, with a sleeker, more aggressive stance.

Burning a deep hole into the darkness is an all-new, predatory LED headlight giving the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO an even meaner face. With signature daytime running lights that automatically adjust in intensity according to the ambient light conditions, an automatic low beam that stays illuminated for a few seconds after the ride is done, and a welcoming headlight animation display when turned on – the warning is clear. 

Boasting the latest and fully revised version of the bellowing LC8 V-twin engine, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO is a torque-hungry, epically powerful, and exciting BEAST. With a near 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, a power output of 190 Hp, and 145 Nm of torque with a READY TO RACE weight of 201 kg – with EURO 5+ homologation – the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO turns the planet on its axis rather than riding upon it.

A redesigned ram air system for a more direct air flow, and a new airbox means the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO breathes like THE BEAST it is. With approximately 10 liters of airbox capacity, it consumes oxygen like a cheetah at full pace, while the design ensures easy maintenance when the need arises.

Configurable with up to 5 different ride modes, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO is ready for total domination, With STREET Mode set as the default, riders have full power, traction control, and limited front wheel lift, with an easy throttle response. In a step-up, SPORT Mode sharpens throttle response and allows for some wheel slip, while RAIN Mode does what it says on the box, providing maximum traction control and reduced power to 130 Hp. The optional PERFORMANCE and TRACK Modes crank the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO to an entirely new sphere, providing enhanced rider customization and unlimited superbike-scaring ability.

Dare to choose TRACK Mode, and the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO goes from a rip-roaring street fiend to an all-out track destroyer. The readability of the TFT is improved, icons and key data displayed larger, and any unnecessary secondary information is removed from view. Here, riders can also toggle Anti-wheelie on or off, with Launch Control available for the perfect start off the grid. Naturally, no cruise control and no KTMconnect are available in this Mode – Because in TRACK Mode, cruising is not an option.

A new telemetry screen can be found in the optional TRACK Mode. Here, riders can keep an eye on lean angles, G-forces, and an all-new lap timer function. When selecting TRACK Mode, the Lap Timer is visualized in the display, with the rider starting or stopping the time by clicking the high beam button.

The 5″ bonded glass TFT dashboard is upgraded with the latest graphics, information and software, making it faster, easier to navigate and designed to give riders faster access to the various features of the bike with far fewer clicks. The TFT dash, also works in conjunction with optional KTMconnect, which connects your smartphone to the dash to access navigation, audio and calls. A USB-C connection is also available for charging your smart device.

Let’s not mince words. The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO is a 100%, hardcore, and dominant performance machine. For that reason, it is ergonomically styled for sporty riding. The tank is angled slightly outwards, providing more support under braking, as well as better contact while knee down. The handlebar is also lower for improved control without compromising comfort.

Performance-focused, but still comfortable for all-day riding, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO is designed to be track-capable one second, and a real-world passenger motorcycle the next. For that reason, the seat is made to be ultimately usable in all scenarios. At 834 mm, it’s the perfect height for aggressive track work, but low enough to provide easy access and comfort. The pillion seat wasn’t forgotten here either, making it equally as comfortable for longer rides. 

At 17.5 litres, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVOs tank sees an increase of 1.5 litres over its predecessor. THE BEAST can push its range towards 300 km, while added winglets increases downforce and reduces front wheel lift. It’s smart too, incorporating KTM’s signature RACE ON fuel cap for keyless fill-ups.

The frame also received a few minor tweaks to compensate for the updated engine, gearbox and larger fuel tank. The frame uses the engine as a means to increase torsional rigidity, making the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO extremely precise. This allows for an effortless, confidence-inspiring riding position, translating into an ultimately faster ride. This is achieved by maximizing the feedback from the chassis and the front tire. The frame also makes use of thick-diameter tubes with thin walls for optimal stiffness and weight.

The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO is fitted with the latest generation of WP Semi-Active Technology (SAT). It boasts credentials like being the most advanced suspension system on the market, featuring electronically controlled magnetic valves for variable damping and providing a wide range of adjustability – from maximum comfort to track-ready stiffness and support – manually or automatically.

Completely new Open Cartridge design, this third-generation Semi-active technology takes the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO to another level. The target was to provide a more precise and consistent damping behavior at higher frequencies but still maintain all the advantages of the damping range offered by an electric valve. The result: 750 g lighter than the 2023 KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R EVO fork, more effective with the ability to process and respond quicker.

The WP APEX SAT shock absorber has a newly developed Semi-Active valve with DCC. Additionally, a new sensor in the shock base measures both stroke travel and acceleration providing a more precise valve actuation. The automatic pre-load adjuster features a stroke sensor which also enables a self-adjustment system. The system can measure, rider and pillion load, road surface and rider input and ensure the ultimate riding experience of street, or track.

The optional SUSPENSION PRO package allows for even more adjustment when it comes to the suspension. It adds two additional suspension damping modes, namely TRACK and PRO, with three auto-leveling preload settings, as well as the ability to turn Anti-Dive mode on or off. This also adds a Factory Start option, inspired by the launch device from the KTM RC16 factory machine. Here, the rear shock preload is automatically reduced to lower the rear when coming to a standstill. This allows for increased straight line stability and loads weight on the rear wheel to better launched off the line.

The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R comes fitted as standard with new lightweight, MICHELIN Power GP rubber. Thanks to the dual compound technology, these tires provide enhanced grip both on straight-line acceleration and more importantly, at lean-angle. Not only do they promise exceptions to track performance, but they offer outstanding road manners too in both wet and dry conditions.

With all that forward thrust available, coming to a stop requires some serious firepower. Upfront, 4-piston Brembo Stylema monobloc calipers are now supported by BREMBO’s MCS radial brake master cylinder which allows for variable distance and ratio adjustment. The combination ensures ultimate control and maximum braking performance. The front calipers grip a set of 320 mm floating discs, while the rear makes use of a twin-piston floating caliper paired with a 240 mm disk. Additionally, the clutch now matches the brake components, all-new Brembo clutch cylinder feature a self-venting system which eliminates the need to bleed the hydraulic system.

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Model Specification

  • Engine

    Engine Type

    2-cylinder, 4-stroke V-twin


    1350 cc


    Electric starter


    6 speed


    PASC slipper clutch, hydraulically operated

    ABS System

    Engine Management System

    Keihin EMS with RBW and cruise control, double ignition

  • Dimensions


    110 mm


    71 mm

    Ground Clearance (unloaded)

    149 mm

    Seat Height

    834 mm

    Weight (No Fuel)

    200 kg

  • Frame


    Chrome-moly tubular space frame, powder-coated


    525 X-Ring

    Steering Head Angle

    65.3 degrees

    Tank Capacity

    17.5 litres

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    WP Semi-Active 48mm

    Rear Suspension

    WP Semi-active Monoshock

    Suspension Travel Front

    125 mm

    Suspension Travel Rear

    140 mm

  • Performance

    Brake System Front

    2 x Brembo Stylema Monobloc four piston, radially mounted caliper

    Brake System Rear

    Brembo two piston fixed caliper, brake disc


    190 hp



  • Brakes

    Front Brake Disc Diameter

    320 mm

    Rear Brake Disc Diameter

    240 mm