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Model Description

Hitting every target with devastating accuracy, the all-new KTM 990 DUKE brings unmatched levels of precision to the street. Packing 123 HP and 103 Nm into an all-new frame, with adjustable WP APEX suspension and highly tuned electronics to boot, this – put simply – is the lightest, sharpest, most performance focused mid-class NAKED motorcycle to ever wear the DUKE nameplate.

Precision and setup go hand-in-hand. In this case, 5-click adjustability on both the WP APEX 43 mm front fork and the WP APEX rear shock provide the ideal setup for maximum attack, while an adjustable handlebar and levers ensure the perfect posture for hitting the bullseye, everytime. 

An all-new 5″ bonded glass TFT dashboard is upgraded with he latest graphic and information software, making it faster, easier to navigate and designed to give riders faster access to the various features of the bike with far fewer clicks. The TFT also works in conjunction with optional KTMConnect, which connected with your smartphone to the dash to access navigation, audio and calls. A USB-C connection is also available for charging your smart device. 

Purposefully NAKED devoid of any clutter but packed with attitude. Wicked at standstill, and imposing on the move, the The KTM 990 DUKE debuts an all new look for DUKE, boasting aggressive lines and design elements that shout POWER! This new design is further set off with two unique colorway options of Black and Orange, celebrating 30 years of DUKE. 

An all-new, lightweight LED headlight design adds to the KTM 990 DUKE’s menacing look while turning night to day. With daytime running lights that automatically adjust in intensity according to the ambient light conditions, and automatic low beam that stays illuminated for a moment after the ride is done, not only do the LEDs on KTM 990 DUKE burn a hole into the darkness – it is smart too. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time the DUKE nameplate and 990 have been seen together. However, this machine is a completely different powerplant. Nestled into the all-new frame is a 947 cc LC8c parallel-twin engine, pumping out 123 HP and 103 Nm. Not only powerful, it is also the most compact twin in class, adding to the KTM 990 DUKE’s nimble handling characteristics. More aggressive camshaft profiles and longer valve openings result in improved rideability, while a wider radiator with optimized airflow ensures things stay cool. A new exhaust system rounds off this powerhouse package. 

Configurable with up to 5 different ride modes, the KTM 990 DUKE is ready to dominate just about any eventuality. In the default STREET setting, riders have full power, traction control, and limited front wheel lift, with easy throttle response. SPORT steps the experience up with sharper throttle control and some wheel slip, while RAIN mode does what it says on the box, providing maximum traction and reduced power in wet conditions. The optional PERFORMANCE and TRACK modes crank the KTM 990 DUKE all the way to 11, providing enhanced rider customization and focused sport riding. 

Toggle the optional TRACK mode, and the KTM 990 DUKE goes from a no-holds-barred NAKED street motorcycle to an all-out apex-brawling race machine. TRACK mode allows you to take full control of rear wheel traction with a 10-level slip control, as well as the sharpest throttle response possible. Want more? How about 5 levels of anti-wheelie, and maximum acceleration thanks to LAUNCH CONTROL! 

Unleashing maximum acceleration from a standing start, the KTM 990 DUKE is fitted with LAUNCH CONTROL for rapid starts off the line. Simply select launch control, wind on the throttle, drop the clutch, and blast off the line. 

The brief for the 2024 KTM 990 DUKE was simple; develop the ultimate mid-weight street bike. The result is the lightest, most precise, most performance-focused mid-class NAKED, providing unmatched rider feedback, performance, and comfort in all riding scenarios. What’s more, the KTM 990 DUKE is designed to inspire confidence in all riders, from beginners looking for a little more, all the way up to advanced riders who want to rip up the tarmac. 

At 825 mm tall and with a 2° tilt upfront, the rider seat on the KTM 990 DUKE has been specifically developed to provide a sporty, aggressive seating position, without compromising on comfort. The seat cover is also designed to provide the sweet spot between grip and freedom of movement, for both textile and leather riding gear. 

Made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum, with a non-slip rubber insert, the footpegs ensure grip and provide some vibration damping. The pillion hasn’t been forgotten either, with emphasis placed on passenger comfort thanks to a more comfortable knee angle.

The KTM 990 DUKE has been developed with a completely new tubular frame, with torsional stiffness and rider feel as a top priority, thanks to the use of forged parts over sheet metal and an integrated swingarm pivot point, adding additional stiffness. An aluminum diecast subframe integrates the airbox and air intakes under the seat, reducing weight. 

Featuring a new lightweight, gravity die-cast swingarm, the KTM 990 DUKE boasts increased stability and perfect levels of flex. Why flex you ask? City streets and rural backroads aren’t perfect, and even small bumps can affect handling. The increased flex of the swingarm dramatically improves bump absorption, improving the effectiveness of the rear shock, and feedback to the rider. 

Keeping the front end in check, WP APEX 43 mm is an adjustable, open cartridge upside-down front fork which provides 140 mm of suspension travel, and uses split function technology to control compression and rebound damping in separate fork legs. The front fork can be easily and simply adjusted in a 5-click setting for both compression and rebound to suit rider skills and road conditions. 

The high-quality gas-assisted WP Apex Monotube rear shock absorber is fitted with a new lighter linear spring which, together with a newly developed setting, offers riders enhanced responsiveness and comfort. Rebound can also be adjusted through a 5-click setting, as well as manual preload adjustment. 

A set of grippy Bridgestone S22 tires – 120/70-R17 on the front and 180/55-R17 on the rear – are wrapped around a set of lightweight, alloy wheels, delivering excellent performance in various road conditions.

When the going gets quick, the slowing needs to match. Upfront, twin lightweight 300 mm floating disks are paired with 4 piston radially mounted calipers, with a 240 mm disc on the rear. These are mated to a tried and tested anti-lock braking system, with Supermoto ABS functionality. 

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Model Specification

  • Engine

    Engine Type

    2-cylinder, 4-stroke parallel twin


    947 cc


    Electric starter


    6 speed


    PASC antihopping clutch, mechanically operated

    ABS System

    Bosch 9.3 MP Two Channel (Supermoto ABS)

    Engine Management System

    Bosch EMS with RBW

  • Dimensions


    92.5 mm


    70.4 mm

    Ground Clearance (unloaded)

    195 mm

    Seat Height

    825 mm

    Weight (No Fuel)

    179 kg

  • Frame


    Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel frame using the engine as stressed element, powder coated


    520 X-Ring

    Steering Head Angle

    65.8 degrees

    Tank Capacity

    14.8 litres

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    WP APEX 43

    Rear Suspension

    WP APEX Monoshock

    Suspension Travel Front

    140 mm

    Suspension Travel Rear

    150 mm

  • Performance

    Brake System Front

    2x radially mounted 4 piston caliper

    Brake System Rear

    2 piston caliper, brake disc


    121 hp


    103 Nm

  • Brakes

    Front Brake Disc Diameter

    300 mm

    Rear Brake Disc Diameter

    240 mm