300SR 2023

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Model Description

The 300SR is a 300cc sports bike created for fun and memorable experiences. It is a high-value product with a unique and sophisticated design combined with excellent handling and agility. It is without doubt a highly competitive player in the entry-level sportbike market. It will quicken the pulse for both track racing and daily riding. Make it your first choice to pursue your fast-paced dream, play to win and feel the true rush of motorcycling.

The 300SR benefits from an aggressively streamlined design and a muscular profile that illustrates its racing DNA. The lines combine speed and beauty without being overly radical. The bike conveys elegance and lightweight one could say it ‘shouts’ agility and performance. Light the dark with the ‘eagle eyes’ LED headlight for optimum visibility. Blend into the night with striking and modern color scheme and graphics.

Designed by racers for racers, the track-based ergonomics of the 300SR include a low handlebar and a more aggressive riding stance. You can own the track or dominate the street with superior front-end feeling and the temptation to ‘drop the knee’. Performance riding is the target but CFMOTO has also chased ergonomics that transition nicely to street riding as well, allowing a comfortable position for everyday use with a 780mm seat height and 165kg curb weight.

The 300SR counts on a lightweight integrated frame design with low centralization and premium front and rear wheel contact. A confidence-inspiring effect has been achieved thanks to a 37mm upside-down fork front suspension and a single-shock rear system to shave the kilos. Light aluminum wheel hubs contribute to nimble handling as minimal unsprung weight provides quick acceleration and planted cornering, ideal for sporty riding conditions. CST high-performance radial tires grant assured grip for the road or track asphalt.

The 300SR’s single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 300cc DOHC engine is refined with a focus on acceleration. Quick-revving power and strong torque give the sporting performance you crave, with a remarkably smooth delivery that generates an exhilarating ride both on the track and on the street. The DOHC design sees the cams directly drive the valve train, reducing the inertia of mechanical motion and making the engine produce a responsive, high-revving grunt. The slipper clutch means the rider can shift smoother and more efficiently as downshifts on slippery, dusty, and wet surfaces become considerably safer. This is especially the case for continuous downshifting from high rpm.

The quicker and better you go, the more you need to be safe and get slow. Superior stopping power allows you to play hard and brake hard with the 300SR. A radial four-piston caliper and 292mm disc brake on the front wheel, and a single-piston floating caliper and 220mm disc on the rear are ready to meet the demands of daily riding as well as the rigors of the track. The floating caliper design ensures first-class braking performance with more positive and stable braking force. As with many advanced sports bikes, the 300SR can depend on intelligent ABS to reduce the possibility of locking up the wheels translating to greater safety on the road.

All-new colorful TFT display features two interfaces for sport and rain riding modes, with screen brightness that auto-adjusts to ambient light. The full-color LCD instrument display offers precise information and integrated functions such as rpm, gear, speed and even phone connectivity.

Model Specification

  • Engine

    Maximum Power

    20.5 kW (27 hp)

    Maximum Torque

    25 Nm


    EURO V

    Fuel Capacity

  • Dimensions

    Length x Width x Height

    2010 x 750 x 1080 mm


    Seat Height

  • Frame

    Rim (Front/Rear)

    3.0 x 17 MT 3.75 x 17 MT



  • Wheels

    Front Tyre

    110/70 R17

    Rear Tyre

    140/60 R17

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    37 Telescopic upside down, Hydraulic damping

    Rear Suspension

    Mono Suspension, centre aligned

    Front/Rear Suspension Stroke

    110/146 mm

  • Brakes

    Front Brake

    292 mm Single disck 4-piston Caliper

    Rear Brake

    220 mm Single disc, Single-piston Floating Caliper