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Model Description

Expand the range of your abilities and enter ‘scrambler’ mode with the 700CL-X ADVENTURE. This neo-retro motorcycle with mild off-road capabilities is essentially a reflection of a lifestyle and an attitude. Passionate, hot-blooded desire, liberty and daring: the 700CL-X ADVENTURE will take you as far as you are willing to go. 

The 700CL-X ADVENTURE’s purpose and design are clear at first glance: a fusion of modern yet retro styling, Café Racer spirit and Scrambler potency. Available in the color – Aurora Blue – the bike has a matte-painted fuel tank upper guard and a collection of decals that radiate character. The pillion seat is equipped with rear armrests that visually extend the body line of the bike. Away from the protective windshield and elongated handlebars, the saddle height hits 830mm for an accessible and mighty ride.

Using the sister model – the 700CL-X HERITAGE – as a base, the position has been altered to suit the demands of the 700CL-X ADVENTURE. The handlebars have been shifted upwards by 30mm and backward by 15mm, the rider’s stance is more relaxed to deal with any unexpected jolts while in the saddle and negotiating tricky terrain. The position also allows stand-up riding, which reflects the Scrambler style.

The 700CL-X ADVENTURE has to be ready for the tarmac and the trail. It must have poise, efficiency and excellence in both fields and CFMOTO has crafted a lightweight chromium-molybdenum steel frame with a wider steering head angle for the job. High-quality suspension is also key. The front forks are KYB 41mm upside-down telescopic tubes with adjustable preload, compression and rebound. A KYB cantilever rear shock also has modifiable preload and damping. There is 150mm of travel at both ends. Premium Pirelli tires have a high silicone composition. They are extremely stable and reliable and suitable for all weather conditions. They cleverly widen the tire patch to increase the ground contact area, so they have both the maneuverability of street bike tires and the grip performance of off-road rubber. A special tread pattern, designed for off-road, strengthens lateral support and traction for the dirt.

The 700CL-X ADVENTURE adopts the same robust platform as the other CL-X models in the range but the 2-cylinder inline, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC has been adapted for the bike’s scrambling traits. The engine pumps out 51.5kw @ 8500 rpm and 60.9Nm of torque @ 6500 rpm. The motor uses a slipper clutch for smooth downshifting behavior and feed from the 42mm throttle. The engine casing boasts a matte black plastic powder coating to emphasize the durability of the unit. Resistance is a recurring theme with the 700CL-X ADVENTURE. The one-piece, non-welded wheel hubs eliminate the potential risk of deformation and damage during off-road. The spoked wheel hub rings have high structural strength and good shock absorption. Double-O spoke ring nuts, mean forceful sealing and tightening performance but they are also easy to disassemble and replace if necessary.

The 700CL-X ADVENTURE comes with a Brembo braking system with ABS, which increases safety on all types of surfaces. On the front end, a 300 mm diameter double-disc has been fitted to two Brembo Stylema four-piston radial calipers. The rear has a 260 mm disc clasped by a 34 mm single-piston caliper. OFF-ROAD ABS means the system can be disengaged on the rear wheel, allowing for greater control under braking through the dirt and dust.

The retro-styled dashboard might seem simplistic but the ‘T-box’ has a built-in 4G module and 6D sensor, which constantly checks the bike’s status, positioning, mileage and more in real-time through the CFMOTO APP. The display also charts the engagement of cruise control; a function that makes long hours in the saddle easier and safer.

Model Specification

  • Engine

    Maximum Power

    51.5 kW (69 hp)

    Maximum Torque

    60.9 Nm


    EURO V 112g/km

    Fuel Capacity

  • Dimensions

    Length x Width x Height

    2115x892x1290 mm


    Seat Height

  • Frame

    Rim (Front/Rear)

    3.5 x 18 MT 5.5 x 17 MT



  • Wheels

    Front Tyre

    110/80 R18, Pirelli SCORPIONRALLY STR

    Rear Tyre

    170/60 R17, Pirelli SCORPIONRALLY STR

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    41mm KYB USD. Preload, compression, damping adjustable

    Rear Suspension

    KYB cantilever, preload and damping adjustable

    Front/Rear Suspension Stroke

    150/150 mm

  • Brakes

    Front Brake

    300 mm single disc, Brembo Stylema caliper

    Rear Brake

    260mm Single-disc, Brembo Stylema caliper