Model Description

‘Multifunctional Touring’ gets a kick onwards thanks to the CFMOTO 700MT and a motorcycle that harness the fantastic versatility of the 650MT but for more power and further upgrades for the riding experience. Long distance capability with short run fun and thrills: the 700MT is the next step on the CFMOTO ladder of touring accomplishment. Users can go anywhere, anytime and free of worries thanks to the rigorous performance on tap. 

Available in Nebula black or Nebula white versions, the 700MT is a guaranteed ‘headturner’ no matter the setting or whatever stage of the journey. The purposeful plastics and bodywork fill an essential role for deflection of wind and the elements but also carry a special aesthetic: the bike is ready to trek but appears light, nimble and primed to tackle the conditions thanks to the profiling. The aggressive and modern shape is enhanced by the optimized modelling of the LED lights that provides a wide and brighter arc of coverage for the road.

Centralization for confidence but comfort for kilometers: the riding position of the 700MT is ideal for touring but responsive and assured enough for a rapid blast. The plastics around the fuel tank and front spoiler section of the motorcycle have been bolstered for more stability while on the go, and for better durability to last the distance against the grime from the road or the trail.

The steel frame is complemented by an aluminum alloy subframe that augments the handling but is strong and light enough for pillions and luggage. Upside down forks and a side-mounted shock bring 140/45mm of travel to cope with the bumpiest of routes and riders will find a finely shaped double seat at 840mm (that can be optionally lowered to 820) to orientate the direction and stability of the bike.

Drive forwards for longer with the liquid-cooled, 693cc, two-cylinder four-stroke DOHC inline engine but with several upgrades for the new 700MT model. The motor has a bore/stroke of 83mm/64mm and delivers smooth acceleration at all RPM with addictive responsiveness. The motor produces a maximum of 67PS/49kw 6000min, 60Nm at 7250rpm. The optimized intake system improves airflow efficiency for quick-revving power and precise throttle return; making it easy to spurt forward and overtake. The engine has lightweight pistons and DLC coating to minimize friction.

Excellent economy from the 18-liter tank keeps the 700MT wheels rolling and the Pirelli rubber will help with extra adhesion for whatever road surfaces the rider wants to face. When the 700MT has to be rolled to a halt, either for a fuel stop or a swift break from the sweet rhythm of the cruise, then a double front brake disc and rear single unit, controlled by ABS, will fill the action with a swift press of the finger.

The 5-inch TFT curved display supports simple navigation projection and shift guidance. The menu system is easily navigated by the intuitive handlebar switch. The 700MT ‘T-box’ is optional and has a built-in 4G module and 6D sensor, which can enable a vehicle-phone Bluetooth interconnection and real-time view of vehicle positioning, mileage and other key data. The 700MT’s everyday road practicality is lifted with the provision of both Type C/ Type A USB charging ports; added to meet the needs of different mobile phone models.

Model Specification

  • Engine

    Maximum Power

    49 kW (66 hp)

    Maximum Torque

    60 Nm


    EURO V

    Fuel Capacity

  • Dimensions

    Length x Width x Height

    2180 x 835 x 1332 mm


    Seat Height

  • Frame

    Rim (Front/Rear)

    3.5x17 MT, 4.5x17 MT



  • Wheels

    Front Tyre

    120/70 ZR17 M/C Pirelli

    Rear Tyre

    160/60 ZR17 M/C Pirelli

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    USD Front Suspension

    Rear Suspension

    Side-mounted shock

    Front/Rear Suspension Stroke

    140/145 mm

  • Brakes

    Front Brake

    Dual Disc, J. Juan Double-piston Caliper

    Rear Brake

    Single Disc, J. Juan Single-piston Caliper