Model Description

Broaden your horizons and shake away your doubts with the possibilities offered by the 800MT Touring. While the 800MT Sport is happiest devouring the freeway, the 800MT Touring likes to absorb the bump and rough of different surfaces. The bike feels at home on the crest of a mountain trail as it does on the curve of a country lane. The DOHC liquid-cooled 799cc twin-cylinder engine is the vibrant soul of this motorcycle that cannot bear to be parked for long. KYB suspension and Cornering ABS with other notable travel features as standard means the 800MT Touring is a very capable and affordable adventure machine both for advanced explorers and those considering a long trek for the first time.

The 800MT Touring brings looks and design thinking to shame any competitor in the midweight segment. The 19-liter large-capacity fuel tank gives more than enough confidence for longer journeys. The tank itself has a three-dimensional design that enhances both standing and seating riding stability. The 800MT Touring is equipped with original protection bars as standard. These bars are uniquely integrated into the front design, giving it a distinctive and powerful look while guarding the fuel tank, front, and main frame against any bumps or debris. The bike is wrapped with a full LED light setup. The 800MT Touring has cross-spoke wheel rims for good impact resistance and lower weight. The wheels are also easier to repair.

Maximizing the chassis’ blend of stiffness and flex for the best feeling across a range of riding terrain, the 800MT Touring’s ergonomics is a masterclass of both control and comfort. The bike is light and agile but also robust, powerful and ready for whatever the rider needs, whether sitting or poised on the pegs. The seat height of 825mm is coupled with easy, narrow standing room and 190mm ground clearance. BOSCH EFI means rapid and reliable throttle response and administration of the ‘Sport’/’Rain’ ride modes. An adjustable windshield offers protection against the elements, whatever the speed and a steering stabilizer also help with unwanted bumps.

The chassis has a combined weight of only 16kg and the high-strength cast alloy aluminum swing arm tips the scales under 7kg. The front end features a highly responsive KYB upside-down telescopic fork. Front suspension travel is 160 mm to meet the characteristics of adventure riding use. Count on 20 clicks of adjustment for preload, compression and rebound damping. Rear suspension travel is 150mm. The suspension setup makes 800MT Touring capable of tackling various terrain with confidence and stability. The forks tubes are protected from impacts by plastic guards that are integrated into the front-wheel fender.

From a quick push along a gravelly rise to a long-distance haul: the 800MT Touring has power for all situations and demands. The bike is equipped with a sturdy and lively DOHC liquid-cooled 799cc twin-cylinder engine with a maximum of 95hp/70kW @9000rpm output with 77Nm of torque at 7500rpm. The quiet motor boasts high-efficiency intake and exhaust systems, lightweight forged pistons and friction reduction technology for optimum performance and durability. The CF-SC slipper clutch helps enlarge the power buffering and enhance the smoothness of shifting, thereby reducing the engine braking impact during downshifts, improving safety and riding comfort.

Be prepared to bring the 800 MT Touring to a safe and effective stop thanks to some of the finest braking components and systems. Riders can be assured by ABS and Cornering ABS for reliable stopping power. The hardware itself is formed by a J. Juan Braking 320mm double-disc with 4-piston radial calipers. The rear brake is from the same brand with a 260mm single disc and double-piston calipers. The 800MT Touring is equipped with MAXXIS multi-function tubeless tires and aluminum alloy rims. The front wheel dimension is 110/80 R19, while the rear is 150/70 R17. Thanks to high-performance rubber and strict quality control, the tires have excellent abrasion resistance and grip on paved and non-paved roads.

Watch the road ahead and easily see your way with the 800MT Touring’s vast 7” color and backlit TFT display. The adjustable unit administers a number of important operations on the bike and provides information for a range of features like tire pressures, Bluetooth device connection and the bi-directional quickshifter. When the motorcycle is rolling faster than 40km/h and in 4th gear then the rider can switch on the cruise control and use the RES and SET buttons to increase or decrease the speed respectively. The maximum cruise speed can be set to 120km/h. With the assistance of cruise control, the rider can maintain a fixed speed without applying the throttle, making touring more comfortable while reducing unnecessary speed changes and enhancing fuel efficiency.

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Model Specification

  • Engine

    Maximum Power

    67 kW (90 hp)

    Maximum Torque

    75 Nm


    EURO V

    Fuel Capacity

  • Dimensions

    Length x Width x Height

    2234 x 853 x 1277 mm


    Seat Height

  • Frame

    Rim (Front/Rear)

    Aluminium Alloy Rim/Spoke Rim, 19 inch front, 17 inch rear



  • Wheels

    Front Tyre

    110/80 ZR19

    Rear Tyre

    150/70 ZR17

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    KYB upside down with adjustable damping

    Rear Suspension

    Monoshock with adjustable damping

    Front/Rear Suspension Stroke

    160/150 mm

  • Brakes

    Front Brake

    320 mm Double disc, J.Juan, radial fixed caliper

    Rear Brake

    240 mm Single disc, J.Juan